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This summer I was invited to visit San Angelo, Texas, and visit the city for a weekend and enjoy a short road trip. My husband Larry And I recently spent time in the area to celebrate our anniversary and had a great time exploring. Later we explored some of the areas where we found some great restaurants, shops and even a bit of hiking and camping.

The history of San Angelo's reinvention began at the beginning of the 20th century and expanded further by a walk along the Concho River. The 12 murals that today pay homage to the stagecoaches that the settlers brought to SanAngelo will be found on the walls of the town and you will get a glimpse of the life and times of the settlers and the stagecoach that brought them to San Angelo. Before we drove back to the old central fire station, we drove through the streets of the city centre and looked at the painted sheep and all the other nice things Sanangelo has to offer. Since 2002, a moving mural has adorned San Antonio, depicting the history of its city, its people and its history as a city.

Outdoor enthusiasts no doubt already know that San Angelo will have plenty of opportunities to get busy, such as fishing at O.C. Fisher Lake, hiking, biking, camping and hiking.

The San Angelo Nature Center is waiting for you, and you can see bison and real Texas longhorn cattle as well as a variety of other outdoor activities at the Texas State Fairgrounds.

The museum features original vintage furniture from Texas in the 1950s and tells you more about the women who lived there. There are even self-guided art and unusual places

You wouldn't expect a city in West Texas to have the largest collection of water lilies in the world, but you'll find them in San Angelo, Texas. Near the river SanAngelo Concho, there are also the only concho pearls that are formed from shells in freshwater.

The Texas Dawn is located in San Angelo Park and is featured in the film "Texas Dawn," a film about the life and death of a young woman in Texas. It has six ponds with over 150 different lily species and the largest collection of water lily plants in North America.

This old border post is now a historic preservation museum owned and operated by the city of San Angelo, Texas. It was built to house 500 soldiers stationed there to protect the West Texas region during World War II as part of the US Army Corps of Engineers. The SanAngelo State Park was founded and is a popular destination to see the local wildlife and scenic beauty.

Local attractions include the Concho River Walk, San Angelo State Park and a variety of cultural facilities connected to it. Located in the heart of the country, just a few miles from the Texas-Mexico border, SanAngelo is a great place to discover the rich history and culture of Texas and the history of its people. Cultural facilities connected to the Concho River and other local attractions in and around the city include a number of museums, galleries, restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, churches, schools and more.

Dont miss the San Angelo Visitor Center for a fun and informative introduction to SanAngelo, the helpful staff at the hotel will be happy to show you the right way to get more information about the city and its history. There are brochures that give you a quick overview of activities in and around the area. If you see other ways to explore this city, make sure you connect with us on our Facebook page or visit Discover Sanangelo online.

Sign up for a taste of life in the border area with a guided tour of the Miss Hattie Bordello Museum or enjoy a meal at the Mesquite Bean Cafe, located inside the museum. Browse the shops and art galleries, take in a piece of local history and eat at the Mesquite Bean Café or the museum itself. Since 1902, it has housed the world's largest collection of antique weapons and ammunition from the Texas border.

Head to San Angelo State Park, which sits on the shores of O.C. Fisher Lake, or book the Rio Grande River Walk to stay active by hiking, biking, or walking along riverside trails.

Services in the San Angelo area include assistance to those without a home here in SanAngelo, such as shelter, food, transport, health care and education.

The old border post is now a monument protection project and museum owned and operated by the city of San Angelo. Miss Hattie's Bordello has been in SanAngelo since the late 1970s, when it closed its original location at the corner of Main Street and Main Street. Rosa's cafe began in San Angelo in 1983 and has since expanded to 45 locations across the state. Companies that employ D.S. include Smiling Mama's Bakery and Cafe, a bakery and restaurant, Rosa's.

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More About San Angelo