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When it's time to kick back with a glass of wine and a pint of beer, San Angelo isn't short of watering holes. Enjoy a selection of fine wines while nibbling on cold meats and cheeses or sipping on marinated ribs - keep an eye out for one of the city's many fine wine bars and restaurants. A visit to a local bar or restaurant is also worth a taste to enjoy a hearty meal such as the marinated rib eye or the sweet and savoury macaroni and cheese.

The farm village restaurant, which brings together different cuisines from around the world, including Asian, French, Greek and American, with an emphasis on freshness, has launched a menu of Korean and Japanese cuisine including sushi and Bulgarian bowls in San Angelo. The menu varies from season to season, but you can always count on delicious offers. Dishes range from prawn and alfredo pasta and meatloaf to pecans - crusted trout and chicken - fried oysters to stir-fry and fry hibachi. For a taste of Asian flavours, head to one of the many restaurants in the city, such as Asian cuisine or Thai cuisine.

In spring, the municipality of San Angelo can look forward to its wine and food festival, which offers live music and culinary experiences.

The Symphony also hosts the Concho Chocolate Festival, which takes place in February and includes a variety of chocolates and chocolates - centred events such as a chocolate festival, a chocolate competition and an artisanal chocolate bar. San Angelo is a gourmet paradise, offering a series of gastronomic and wine festivals, as well as live music and gastronomic events. Every year SanAngelo brings together food lovers by offering the Savor the Flavor series, which caters for food all year round - focused festivals. This year it will be held and offers culinary experiences, including a home-cooked meal and a live concert by local musicians. San Angelo offers not only a variety of restaurants, but also a wide range of arts and crafts events and events for children and adults.

The angry cactus makes it easy, with a menu that's dominated by bacon - wrapped shrimp and a host of macaroni and cheese options. If you want to be a little smaller, they also offer a wide selection of salads, such as the Chicken & Cheese Sandwich and the Mac & Cheddar Sandwich. Speaking of mac's, do yourself a favor and check out the food truck that serves the best mac'n "cheese in San Angelo and some of the most delicious mac & cheese in Texas. From spicy stuffed peppers to sweet potato fries, this place has everything you could want south of the border.

The food truck location offers chairs and picnic benches for you to sit and take time out, as well as a wide selection of sandwiches, salads and pasta.

If the wine experience is more than a sip, take a look at the wine list, which features a wide selection of wines from around the world as well as our own wines. There is a wide selection of draught beer and wine, and on weekends there is often live music.

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