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Cornyn announced Tuesday that he has no plans to challenge confirmation of the Electoral College's vote in Congress, breaking with a growing number of fellow Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz. In a lengthy letter to Texans, Cornyn said he supported President Donald Trump's right to challenge the election result in court, even though his lawsuit had gone nowhere and a recount in several states had not changed the result. His position is not particularly surprising, given comments in recent weeks in which he has expressed growing skepticism about Republicans "ability to overturn President Barack Obama's victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden. But in his letter, he made clear that he is not so worried about what Cruz can do 10 days before the inauguration.

Cornyn indicated that he, too, supports President Donald Trump's call for a recount of Electoral College votes in Texas and other states.

The University Interscholastic League offers this manual to help guide your child through the UIL process. Please take the time to read the manual and visit the Texas State Board of Education website for more information on the rules and regulations of the University of Texas system.

Register your child using the registration form attached to the brochure or by registering him / her in the UIL online registration portal. Fill in the required application form, which must be completed by a local doctor.

Twin Peaks Restaurant disqualifies any person who does not comply with the rules, requirements or specifications, and any violations of UIL rules and regulations.

Winners will lose any prizes not claimed within 30 days and remain the property of the Twin Peaks Restaurant, and all privileges of the winner will be terminated immediately. The winners will be disqualified for any reason and any unauthorized material from rehearsals or performance artists may be liable for damages that the entrant will indemnify, defend and hold harmless. Pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, Twin Peak Restaurant reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the contest at any time. If an agreement is reached, it would improve the situation of banks. The cause affects the period of the Contest or its terms or in the case of any other event directed against a Contestant. Twin Peaks Restaurant does not undertake to provide alternative prizes or in any way extend the competitions or disqualify the winners.

The winners will be informed of the prize after their selection in order to claim it. If they do not respond within the prescribed time, the prize may be forfeited and an alternative winner may be selected on the basis of the above evaluation criteria.

Web Entries - Participants must complete all required fields, including, if applicable, the following instructions on how to participate correctly to win. Any entrant who makes a false, fraudulent or misleading entry or commits a false or fraudulent act in connection with this Contest will be disqualified and prosecuted. The submission is not qualified and is considered incomplete, and it may be a violation of criminal and civil law to intentionally damage the selection process for the winners.

Please fill in all required documents electronically (see below) or fill them in electronically. Parents and guardians can indicate the correct form at the beginning of the school year. If the online papers are submitted accordingly, parents and guardians are requested to present a copy of their child's school card and / or driving licence (if applicable).

Twin Peaks Restaurant reserves the right to refuse to award prizes if the winner does not provide satisfactory identification. Twin Peaks Restaurants will not be responsible if the winners do not receive any notification of prize money or if they travel outside the United States.

You can enter the competition by submitting a photo of yourself and two Instagram users who have tagged: @ Twin Peaks Restaurant (@ twinpeaksrestaurant) at https: / / / twinpeakstrestaurant, followed by Twin Peaks Restaurants (# TwinPeaksRestaurANT) at https: / / www.www. Instagram _ com / and "likes" the Instagram account of the winner and his other two Instagram followers. All terms and conditions and information about the Contest will be used in accordance with the rules of this Contest and the applicable laws and regulations.

How to claim your prize: Winners will be selected and notified within 24 hours of selection by phone, email, SMS and / or email. Winners will be notified by email and their location will be determined by their winnings, which will be sent directly to them or collected on or about the day of the contest at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in San Antonio, Texas.

The winners must present a valid government ID card - issued with a photo ID that serves as proof of age - and that - indicates age. SAISD requires all athletes to undergo an annual physical exam and all students must undergo the same physical exams and other health and fitness tests offered by SAisD.

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